I can't access TableUp on my iPad, can I access it on another device?

TableUp is also available on your iPhone with nearly all the same features.  On your iPhone (or iPod touch) simply search for TableUp FOH in the app store, download the app, and login as usual.

TableUp also offers a web-app that is accessible from ANY internet connected device with a web browser.  The web-app allows you to manage your wait list, call aheads and reservations but does not offer a floor plan.  It is meant to be a safety net for when access to an iPad or iPhone is not an option.

To access your restaurant's web-app, visit the TableUp homepage ( and click the menu button top right, then click to Login (or just Click Here).  Once you login, you will see all restaurant's that you have access to.  Click the Account Dashboard button, then in the menu on the left side click the button for TableUp Web App.

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