Earn Points through Spend

There are multiple ways to connect to your check and earn points.

1) Tap a location, then tap the My Check button and enter check details

2) Provide a phone number when ordering at the counter

Once connected, points will automatically be applied within 24 hours depending on which point in the dining experience you connect to the check.

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    Dennis Crowther

    Server is new and not in the system. Please connect check #124 to my account.

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    Linda Brink

    Do not see One Hot Mama’s

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    Linda Brink

    One Hot Mama’s is not listed

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    I can’t find where to enter a check!
    I even deleted and reinstalled the app. Please give me credit for check 132 server Kathleen R on 5/13/19 at 7:27PM total was $28.04.
    If I’m doing something wrong or missed something, please let me know...
    Thanks in advance,

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    Support User 2

    Hi Dean,

    If this is in regards to One Hot Mama's - they are not active on the SERG app yet but should be early next week. If this is in regards to another SERG location - please reach out to and they will be happy to help!

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    Linda Brink

    I ate at One Hot Mama’s on May 17, 2019, after having downloaded the new SERG app. I attempted to enter my check info onto the app, but OHM was not available on the app. I was told the app would be up soon. Here it is 11 days later and it has just appeared on the app. So I went on the app to download my check info, and I received a notice that says the info must be entered within 3 days, and therefore is expired.
    I would like this corrected. My check # is 6291507. Thank you

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