I'm not receiving my check-in points

Once you have our Guest App or one of our partner Restaurant Branded Apps downloaded onto your phone, please make sure the following items have been completed;

  • Make sure you have set up your profile and that your are logged in. If you are not sure how to do this, just click below;                                                 Setting Up Profile - Apple                                                     


  • Please check in your phone settings and make sure your Bluetooth is turned on - this is what allows the app to communicate with the restaurant when you are there.


  • Please make sure you "allow notifications" for our Apps and if you did not do so when downloading app, go to your settings and change to allow for our app(s).


  • Once you completed your profile, you should have received a verification text to confirm correct number associated with account. You will need to verify number to activate account. If you did not receive this text, in your profile page, there will be a link to resend. 
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