Guest Incentives

You can offer additional points to encourage guest behavior, such as::

1) Offer extra points when a guest logs in to your app for the first time.  Talk to your TableUp point person about setting this up, or email

2) Offer extra points when a guest connects to a check for the first time at each of your locations (encourages them to visit multiple locations).  On your Dashboard click Marketing => Manage Rewards => then tap the Connect Rewards tab.  Click Edit Rewards, then enter a point value next to 'First Check Connection' and tap Save at the bottom.

3) If you are using the Spend Based Loyalty program, you have the ability to customize how many points you offer per dollar spent on a daily basis. For example, you could offer "double points" on slower days or during slower times of the day to help drive more business to your account. You could also change the amount of points offered for special events like 1.5 points for every dollar spent at the Beer Dinner next month.

4) Make sure to offer a variety of rewards for the guest so that there are some far reaching goals for those who enjoy the challenge as well as easier to attain goals for those who want more instant gratification. 

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