Server Incentives

TableUp allows you to run a report that shows for each server, how many guests connected to a check for the first time at one of their tables.  This allows you to easily track which servers are successfully encouraging guests to join your loyalty program.

To access this report, go to your Dashboard, then under Marketing, click 'Server Connection Report'

You can run this report for any time period.

A few suggestions:

1) Offer a free appetizer to the server with the highest total at the end of the week.

2) Offer certain milestones, such as a free appetizer when each server reaches 10 guests, a free entree at 20, and a free $50 Visa gift card at 50 new guests connected.

3) Offer a 'grand prize' to the top 5 servers during a specified period of time.

4) You can also use your branded app as your restaurant staff incentive program allowing them to collect and redeem points as well (if they are allowed to eat and drink at the establishment they are employed with). Now they can earn points as your guests do but you may also reward them with extra "bonus" points for server connections, job performance in both the front and back of the house, or attaining restaurant sales goals. 

We suggest offering multiple rewards so all servers are constantly incentivized.  A 'winner take all' approach might lead to servers in the middle/bottom of the pack losing their motivation.

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